Prof. dr Dubravka Mijuca

To Foster Education in Computational Mechanics (FORENS) / Podsticanje obrazovanja u naučnoj oblasti Računska mehanika

Research and Development (R&D) of new numerical methods:

Three-dimensional finite element Thermo-mechanical analysis of solid bodies of arbitrary shape with or without coating of bond of isotropic or anisotropic material FEMIX MECHANICAL HC8/27 and FEMIX THERMAL HC8/27

Thermal barrier coating:


Transient Heat Analysis

Nuclear Reactor Transient Heat Model Problem solved in Straus7 by Dubravka Mijuca

Nuclear Reactor Thermal Performance

Elasticity Analysis

FENet evaluation Benchmark solved in Straus7 by Dubravka Mijuca

FENet Procedural Benchmark

Thin Solid Body (Shell) Intersection

Incompressible Materials Almost Incompressible Solid brick under compression

Bimetallic plates

Elastostatic Analysis

Clamped circular plate under uniform load

Clamped circular 3D plate under uniform load (hexahedral finite element HC9/9)


04 Nov 2009